A Raised Deck

Benefits of Raised Decks

Many homeowners decide on a classic deck to improve the appearance of their house. However, there may be advantages to selecting an elevated deck to freshen things up and offer additional storage to an existing garden. You might need to choose an elevated deck over one of the conventional options depending on the sort of home you own. Additionally, think about your requirements and whether a raised deck will benefit you the best. Building a raised deck has a lot of advantages, despite the fact that they are less common than a standard deck. Some of these benefits include:


Raised Deck to door

Elevated decking gives you the option of positioning your deck’s entrance in front of your home’s second story or navigating terrain that would be challenging for a ground-level deck to be built on. Elevated decks can be constructed from a wide range of materials, including modular decking components, allowing you to tailor the deck to your individual requirements.


Decking Storage

For homeowners, storage space is sometimes limited and for items like braais, gardening tools, bicycles and sporting goods, an elevated deck offers plenty of storage underneath. To offer further protection against outdoor elements, you can enclose the space beneath your deck.

Avoid Levelling

Avoid Leveling with a Deck

Building a raised deck will allow you to avoid paying to have the uneven ground levelled if you are building your deck on it. The supports for an elevated deck can be adjusted to accommodate the terrain’s slope.

Visual Appeal

Multi Level Decking

If you include numerous levels of decking, an elevated deck may have a greater aesthetic appeal than a ground-level deck. Elevated decks can also provide you a greater view of your landscape, so if you have a lovely garden, you can showcase it by having one.

Whichever way you decide a deck is a great addition in adding value to your home. With so many options to build with, let us help you design and implement your deck, for a free no obligation site survey and quotation, contact us direct from our website or email us at info@deckingpro.co.za.