Cedarwood Decking Cape Town

Choosing a softwood decking material can be quite daunting. When paying for a softwood decking material, you want to strike the best possible balance between price and durability. This means that if you pay a very low price for your decking solutions, you will have to sacrifice durability. Cedarwood decking can prove to be a durable and appealing softwood decking solution – making it very popular amongst our clients in Cape Town.

Cedarwood is that much more popular than its softwood counterparts due to its natural resistance to insects and rot. Not only does this improve the lifespan of the wood, but it also signals the fact that wood (chemical) treatment is not a necessity.

Decreased maintenance also becomes a factor once you employ the use of Cedarwood Decking, according to many of our clients in Cape Town. This means that waking up early on a Saturday to scrub your deck area is something to be scoffed at! Due to its immense level of durability, Cedarwood isn’t affected by extreme temperatures or weather conditions – ultimately allowing this wood to be an all year round, exterior, softwood decking solution.

Another incredible nature of this wood is its high-resistance to moisture absorption – allowing this wood to last longer. Warping or splitting of the wood is also not very likely to occur. Cape Town winters are notorious for being cold and wet – meaning your Cedarwood decking solutions last for ages to come.

Cedarwood is an incredibly attractive piece of timber. This is in part due to strong tones in its colour palette and a consistent colour concentration throughout the wood. To take your softwood’s appearance to the next level, ensure that optimal sanding, staining and treatment is applied to your Cedarwood decking solution.

Cedarwood decking does have some notable disadvantages that hold it back from being the king of timber. Sensitivity to external factors, such as impact or scratches, can easily damage this wood. While nowhere near as weak as other softwoods, it is important to keep this decking material sealed or stained. Cedar can also deteriorate over a long period of time. However, by following a reasonable maintenance schedule, your wood will remain crisp and gorgeous for years.

Here are a few quick facts on Cedarwood Decking:

  • Cedarwood Decking Is incredibly durable
  • Cedarwood is an incredibly attractive timber
  • Cedarwood is considered softwood due to its high sensitivity to scratching and impacts.
  • While not too heavy in the maintenance department, it is important to keep your cedarwood treated

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