Cladocalyx Decking Cape Town

The specie yields a beautiful blond to tan, yellow to brown, honey colour timber. It is classified as a “Class 1 Heavy Hardwood” of exceptional durability and is well suited to heavy marine applications and external building applications. It, unlike many other Eucalypts, it is relatively stable in drying, if cut correctly, free of pith. Timber harvested from Eucalyptus Cladocalyx has little defect and is prized for its durability.


The specie is very well suited as a replacement to previously imported tropical Hardwood used in external applications such as Balau, Ekki, Tali, Greenheart, Massranduba etc. It is far superior in external applications to the likes of Meranti, Iroko, Mahogany, Limbali, Sapele and Garapa.

Cladocalyx Decking

• Decking
• Exterior Stairs
• External Cladding
• Sleepers
• Docking Blocks
• Harbour Fenders
• Pergolas
• Outdoor Furniture
• Bollards
• Fencing


Dry Mass per kg
Modulus of rupture
Fibre stress at P.L. (Point Load)
Modulas of elastisity
Compresstion parallel to grain
Compression perpendiccular to grain
Shear parallel to grain
Impact Bending
1005 kg/m3 (Wet density 1200 – 1300kg/m3)
140 MPa
81 MPa
18415 MPa
78.3 MPa (Maximum crushing strengh)
39.1 MPa (Stress at 2.54mm deflection)
19.6 MPA (Stress at Point Load)
16.5 MPa (Maximum shearing strengh)
30.8 MPa (Toughness)

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