Composites Decking Cape Town

This form of decking is centred on the prospect of blending synthetic plastic materials and wood fibres. The end product creates composite decking – a resilient and strong material suitable for your outdoor decking needs. Implementing polypropylene or polyethylene, a plastic film is joined to wood fibres, employing the best characteristics of each material.

Due to its synthetic nature, composite decking is resistant to rotting, warping and splintering. This means that despite having the “appearance” of traditional and organic timber, it does not fall prey to its natural counterpart’s shortcomings. Due to the nature of the material, our composite decking provides you with a non-slip, composite solution, for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Composite decking has the potential to be visually superior to traditional forms of timber. Due to the flexibility in terms of customisation, you can tailor your composite experience to fit your needs without breaking the bank. Installation of a composite wood deck is also free if any hassle – with the potential to last for many, many, years to come.

A major draw card for composite decking is the appealing price of admission. What we mean to say, is that composite decking is an incredibly priced material – that can easily outdo its competition in price alone. However, to get that authentic “timber” feel and look, we recommend checking out our hardwood and softwood decking solutions.

Composite decking has the potential to last between 10-30 years. While this may be dependent on the product and its composition, composites are renowned for long outliving their guarantees and warranties. This material is environmentally friendly; with the latest renditions of this material utilising recycled materials – with constant innovation to create a greener planet with greener projects.

If you are looking for an ideal low-cost, low-maintenance material that is friendly to the environment, let Decking Pro’s host of composite decking services lighten up your home. If you have a dream project in the works, rest assured that our experienced team can bring that end product you desire.

Learn more about our hardwoods and softwoods decking options. It’s important to weigh up each and every option before laying a single plank!

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