Douglas Fir Decking Cape Town

Choosing the right wood for your deck can prove to be a tricky process. All sorts of shapes, functions and price points may have you spinning in five different directions – with no clear answer in sight. Softwoods normally stand out from the bunch, with their alluring price tag and commonly – attractive appearance. Enter Douglas fir decking, a solution with many strong suits and a price point that can’t be beaten.

Many of our clients in Cape Town have sworn by the versatility offered by this appealing softwood. Exceptionally stiff and strong, Douglas fir has proven to be a more-than-ideal alternative to many of the most durable hardwoods, as this wood is considered to be on the same level in terms of weight and hardness.

The appearance of Douglas fir decking is highly dependent on the age and location of the tree. These colours range from a light brown to red or yellow colour. Wild grain patterns can be seen throughout the timber on occasion, while its grains are typically straight with a medium to course texture. All-in-all the appearance of this wood is modest but can make for an elegant and classy end-product when installed properly.

Douglas fir decking, as mentioned, is highly durable. While the wood has proven to show great resistance to decay, this softwood is highly susceptible to insect attacks. However, Douglas fir makes up for this with its sheer resistance to abrasion – making it an easy choice if you are looking for durability on a budget. This softwood fares well in a Mediterranean climate – perfect for your beautiful Cape Town home.

This softwood is easy to stain with decent paint holding capabilities, with lacquering proving to be an easy process with stunning results. The wood may be impermeable to treatment, but a quick process of incision can yield better results.

Here are some must-know facts on Douglas fir Decking:

  • Douglas fir is highly affordable and freely available
  • Douglas fir has an attractive appearance
  • Colour ranges from light brown to red or yellow
  • Douglas fir is easy to work with
  • May be used for ground contact over long periods if treated correctly

Decking Pro offers some of the best Douglas fir decking solutions in Cape Town. By aiming to meet your standards and bringing your vision to life, we strive to bring you impeccable service and an even greater end product.

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