Elevated decks in Cape Town

Building a deck can be a difficult project, but if you’re prepared to take it a step further, raised decks can add a relatively simple, aesthetic architectural element to any outdoor space.

An elevated deck’s simple design concept is to appear to be “floating” a few centimeters above the ground rather than being level with the ground. It’s a nice aesthetic element that also gives visitors an excellent vantage point to take in the backyard’s natural beauty.

Here are some facts on elevated decks:

  • They are less prone to wood rot as they cannot collect water
  • Their shape can be creatively designed
  • They create more usable space in gardens
  • They support a natural environment as they don’t disturb plant life or tree roots

Elevated decks are popular among homeowners in Cape Town because they can essentially be constructed anywhere in a garden. Some choose to construct theirs either as the foundation for a pergola, or around one or more trees.

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