Hardwoods Decking Cape Town

Choosing the right timber for your decking project is one of the most important stages of any deck-building process.

Choosing the right deck not only helps your deck look the way you want it to, but also improves function and durability.

Hardwoods have easily become the most versatile timber in terms of appeal and durability. This is due to hardwoods being able to take more punishment from the elements while still boasting variety to keep your options plentiful.

Balau Hardwood Decking

Balau is a popular choice when it comes to choosing a reliable hardwood decking material.

This Malaysian wood is hard, heavy and incredibly dense. This provides the wood with high resistance to bending and crushing strengths. They also sport the nifty feature of immense durability and immune to attacks from insects or fungi.

This wood is typically light brown/rich dark red in appearance, making it a popular choice among many of our clients – with medium workability.

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Garapa Hardwood Decking

Garapa, a South American timber, is another excellent hardwood for your decking solutions.

Durable and hard in nature, this wood is deceptively easy to install – making it an absolute hit among us and our clients. Golden tones bring life and warm tones to any project you may desire, but it shines on exterior decks and wood siding solutions.

High-density and exotic in nature, this hardwood is perfect for wooden walkways – with the added benefit of being an affordable hardwood for your decking solutions.

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Cladocalyx Hardwood Decking

Cladocalyx is a beautiful, blond to tan – yellow to brown – honey-coloured timber.

Exceptionally durable and more than ideal for any external application and proves to be an incredible hardwood decking material. This wood might be your best bet if you live in wet, moisture-heavy conditions.

Decking, stairs, pergolas, fencing and outdoor furniture are all perfect use-cases for this timber.

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Massaranduba Hardwood Decking

Massaranduba takes its hardwood classification very seriously.

Being one of the hardest woods in the world, this hardwood boasts superior durability and longevity compared to other hardwoods. These properties contribute to its natural resistance to mould, fire, rot, decay and insect attacks.

Highly versatile, this reddish-tinted wood sports a uniquely smooth texture and finish. Over many years, this beautiful colour will develop darker patterns and eye-catching contrast – making this an ideal long-term decking solution.

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Teak Hardwood Decking

Teak holds the title of being the most visually appealing hardwood on the market. Despite its charming character, natural oil secreted from the wood is excellent in repelling pests such as termites and other damaging insects.

Its water resistance can prevent any warping or crack caused by moisture. Tensile strength, tight grain and oil content make this wood incredibly suitable for any extreme weather conditions.

When teak begins to age, an exceptional shade of silver will begin to develop along the wood. Teak is truly versatile and looks good doing so!

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