How Much Does a Deck Cost in Cape Town?

Let’s face it; having a wooden deck is an absolute luxury. So many options are presented to you as the consumer – which can very well start to be an overwhelming experience. One of the greatest determiners to play a role in your final decision will be the cost of the deck you desire.

So, how much is a deck going to cost you?

These are the factors you will need to consider in terms of determining the price of your deck:

  1. The size, scope and Scale of your project.
  2. The materials used for your deck area.
  3. Any special features/structures used alongside the deck.

Size, scale and scope of your decking project

The scale of your project refers to the sheer size, intricacies and time required to effectively get the job done.

All these variables will start to add up – so it is important to consider each of these prior to making the final call.

Here’s a handy and compact checklist to keep you on time and within budget:

  • Is my deck area too compact, too overwhelming or is it just right?
  • How many intricacies will my deck have, and how will it impact the time required to build the deck?
  • Am I happy with the final design? Should I seek any further advice regarding any uncertainties surrounding my oncoming deck area?

Materials used to build your deck can add to the cost of your deck:

The material used to make up the function and appearance of your deck area range in price. This is arguably the most important aspect to consider when planning out your deck area.

Let’s take a look at the following examples:

CCA Pressure treated SA Pine

  • Type: Softwood
  • Affordability: The most affordable wood type and readily available.
  • Life Span: An average of 15 – 20 years
  • Key Feature:
    Comes treated with a timber preservative, but will need to be applied annually to retain its fresh look. Staining can be used to achieve any look you may desire.

Balau, Garapa and Massaranduba etc.

  • Type: Hardwood
  • Affordability: Varies in price, while striking the perfect balance of price and appeal between softwoods and composite wood.
  • Life Span: An average of 20 – 25 years
  • Key Feature:
    Will need to be oiled every few years to help preserve the rich, natural colour of this wood. Colours fade to a natural shade of silver/grey.

Composite Materials

  • Type: Blend of Synthetic material and bamboo
  • Affordability: Most expensive material but tends to pay itself off.
  • Life Span: An average of 50+ years
  • Key Feature:
    Can be very pricy upfront, but no maintenance is required to keep this decking material looking fresh. This material comes is available in a wood grain or smooth finish.
Decking Wood TypeDeck MaintenanceDeck Pricing
SoftwoodHighMost Affordable
HardwoodMediumAffordable / Pricy
CompositeNone / LowPriciest Option

Special Features/Add-Ons for your Deck:

When it comes to kitting out your deck with all the shiny extras – your deck quote will rise in price. While you may feel that the add-ons aren’t an essential or a little bit too pricy – your deck add-ons can greatly enhance the appeal of your deck area!

The addition of a Pergola or raised terrace with balustrades and steps can not only raise the value of your property; but create an area you’ll fall in love with time-and-time again.

So, what can you expect to pay when building your deck through us?

Our decking pricing ranges from R950.00 per SQM to R3500.00 per SQM.

Rates calculated are indicative & based on averages. A site visit would be required to produce an official quote. Decking rates are measured per square meter (m2) Railing/balustrade rates are measured per linear meter.

Decking Pro provides residents of Cape Town with the best possible decking solutions. Our sister company, Pergola Pro, will see to it that a classy pergola can spice up your deck area.

Contact us today to find out how much our decking services will cost you!