Pine Decking Cape Town

Picking the right timber for your projects plays a crucial part in securing the best possible end-product. When it comes to choosing a suitable softwood decking solution, it’s always a good idea to weigh up all the options – especially in terms of longevity. Pine decking has long been a favoured material amongst our Cape Town client base.

Pine Decking is an incredibly budget-friendly solution for all of your decking needs. Now, while Pine may be a softwood, it proves to be incredibly durable. Not only is Pine a great option for an indoor or covered deck solution, it can serve as an incredibly great exterior decking solution!

In order to make the most of your pine decking, especially in an outdoor setting where it may fall victim to the elements, treating your pine deck is the best choice you can possibly make. A popular choice for treating your pine deck would be the CCA (Copper Chromium Arsenic) Solution.

While Pine may falter in certain key areas, especially when compared to its hardwood opposition, your treated pine decking solution will be equally durable to its physical appeal.

Pine’s heartwood has distinct shade of light-brown, while the sapwood boasts a shade of pale yellow, thus leading to its incredibly unique and attractive appearance. This means that when opting to enlist our Pine Decking Services in Cape Town, the end product will look nothing short of incredible.

Here are a few Brief facts about Pine Softwoods:

  • Used in many different disciplines of woodwork
  • Appealing and unique colour scheme.
  • Ultra Affordable and budget friendly.
  • Pales in comparison to most hardwood decking solutions
  • May fall victim to pests, fungi and natural weathering
  • Becomes incredibly durable once it is treated, especially if you follow the process of pressure treatment!

Decking Pro has some of the greatest Pine Decking solutions in and around the City of Cape Town. With an impressive portfolio and the drive to deliver incredible service – why wouldn’t you want us to help you show off your home?

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