Redwood Decking Cape Town

An optimal choice of softwood can get you relatively far, in terms of longevity, appeal and function. While many swear by the tried and true excellence of hardwood decking solutions, quality softwood can provide you with a stunning end-product… at a fraction of the price. This is what makes Redwood Decking such a popular choice of material amongst our Cape Town client base.

What’s so remarkable is just how powerful and versatile this timber can be. Redwoods are renowned for being the tallest trees on the planet and coupled with incredibly thick trunks and fibrous bark – they happen to have near immunity to fire.

This is what makes redwood such a popular softwood decking solution all across the globe. Its high level of durability also makes it resistant to warping and bending. This makes redwood a welcome addition to any outdoor setting. This means that a redwood deck complimented by redwood or lighter outdoor furniture will make for an absolute show-stopper.

The appealing nature of this hardwood comes in the form of its beautiful light to dark red colour tones. Our Cape Town clientele cannot stress the fact that if installed and treated properly, a redwood deck becomes more than just a sight to behold – it becomes a designated commonplace for any social or private affair.

Despite its durable nature and absolutely breathtaking appearance, redwood decking is not without its faults. The colour that makes this wood so iconic runs the risk of fading away if not treated properly. While this softwood’s colour is destined to degrade over a long period of time, many have the mistake of not following an optimal maintenance schedule. Ensure that your redwood deck is maintained – allowing you to enjoy your deck for years to come.

Here are some quick facts on Redwood Decking:

  • This timber is highly durable
  • This wood has a stunning appearance
  • Redwood decking loses its colour over time
  • Redwood decking can retain its colour for longer with proper maintenance

Decking Pro strives to provide the best redwood decking solutions to clients all over Cape Town and its surrounding areas. We know how to turn an amazing decking concept into an amazing final product.

View our portfolio to see how we do things here at Decking Pro. Feel free to give us a shout once you’re ready to bring your grand vision to life.

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