Softwoods decking Cape Town

Softwoods decking has become a popular decking solution amongst many of our clients in Cape Town. While lasting a reasonable amount of time, softwoods are easy to install and are incredibly budget-friendly. The best part – these woods look while still retaining many durability features to be found on its more expensive hardwood counterpart.

What sets softwoods decking apart from hardwoods decking is the raw material used in the production of these decking planks. Fast-growing coniferous trees lay the groundwork for this budget-friendly decking solution.  Due to the quality of wood used, treating of softwood is essential to promote longevity as well as resistance to pests and the elements.

If you are aiming for an internal/covered deck area, softwoods decking is an absolute no-brainer. This wood is easy to paint and holds its form with minimal effort. While we always advise hardwoods for long-term projects, namely in an outdoor setting, an interior softwood decking solution is more than ideal.

Pine Decking

An incredibly popular option in terms of softwood decking is the timber known as pine. Pine strikes an incredible balance between visual appeal and durability. Couple these factors with just how easy is it is to install your pine decking solution – you’re in for an absolute treat. Golden in colour and a definite stunner for anybody baring witness to it, the elements will unfortunately degrade the gorgeous hue of this softwood.

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Cedarwood Decking

Lightweight, durable and highly stable, the appealing softwood known as Cedar has incredibly unique properties that set it apart from its other softwood counterparts. Its natural oil functions as a repellent for moths, with many popular uses being for closets/wardrobes, cladding and walls.

A variety of colours make this wood that much more appealing, with its ability to withstand cracking and warping – striking an awesome balance between appearance and utility. Due its strong resistance to warping, Cedar has become a popular option for interior panelling.

Fun fact: Many Spanish and steel-string guitars are made from this incredible piece of timber!

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Redwood Decking

The Californian redwood is a very distinct piece of timber. Popular amongst interior decorators and DIY contractors alike, this beautiful softwood decking material is an absolute stunner. Popular for panelling, fences and garden furniture, this softwood is also a very popular material used in a variety of outdoor deck areas.

Fine textures are accentuated by straight grains and the timber is non-resinous. Redwood is also easy to install, making it popular amongst many DIY enthusiasts and those chasing an easy-to-install, iconic softwood.

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Spruce Decking

This softwood sports cream-to-yellow coat with straight wood grains and even textures. Despite its classification as softwood, spruce has an impressive weight–strength ratio – giving it distinct qualities of popular hardwoods. However, its durability and hardness tend to fall by the wayside.

Spruce is a gorgeous wood – through and through. Its lightweight nature, coupled with its elegant appearance and high workability. If used externally – we provide optimal wood finish, which will need to be maintained to ensure a long life ahead.

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Douglas fir Decking

Optimal hardness and great stability make Douglas fir a more than ideal solution for your decking needs.

While it may be softer than most woods, it makes up for it in versatility – making for an optimal solution both indoors and outdoors. Lightweight and strong, this wood can last for a long, long time – considering the appropriate care and maintenance is applied to this suitable softwood decking solution.

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Once you weigh up all the odds and do some digging, it is apparent that softwood decking is a very popular solution for many consumers’ wooden deck projects. Affordability and ease of use are some of the greatest contributors to the possibility of this wood. It doesn’t hurt that many softwoods, namely, pine, are freely available and come in a wide variety of appearances and utility options.

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