Spruce Decking Cape Town

There is no such thing as “the perfect wood.” Hardwoods, softwoods and composites each come with their own batch of strengths and weaknesses. Softwoods strike a great balance between budget and brawn – with the obvious downside of a decrease in life expectancy. Spruce decking lives up to all the positive aspects of its softwood classification, slowly but surely becoming a niche choice of softwood amongst our Cape Town clientele.

Spruce decking is easy on the eye and is more than pleasing for the wallet. Spruce is renowned for its prominence in the world of Musical instruments – namely stringed instruments such as violins and guitars. This beauty and function perfectly translates into the world of wooden decking – bringing an air of elegance and class to your decking solutions in Cape Town.

Spruce decking is not only gorgeous to look at, but its hardness and durability make this wood that much more appealing. Boasting an incredible strength to weight ratio, resistance to decay and warping or twisting – this wood is equally durable as it is visually appealing. White to cream in colour with fine, straight grains – this softwood is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

The only downside to spruce is its susceptibility to denting and scratching. Do not let this deter you – with the right treatment and care, your spruce decking will look like a million bucks for many years to come.

Here are some Spruce decking facts:

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