The Perfect Deck to use Around a Pool

Summertime is nearly upon us. This means that people are either installing pools or they are on the verge of making upgrades to their pool area. The use of deck areas surrounding their swimming pool area is becoming increasingly popular among our Cape Town client base. This is why we will break down the perfect deck materials to use around a swimming pool.

The most important aspect would be a timber’s level of water resistance. This directly refers to the timber’s ability to repel water and avoid corrosion – thus making for a long-lasting wood decking material. A wood’s class is a great determiner of its water resistance! Therefore, the higher the class number, the higher its resistance to water.

Here are the woods we offer and their relevant class:

WoodClass (1-5)
Doughlas Fjr3

These are our flagship wooden materials, allowing you to successfully construct your pool deck area from scratch. As you can see, according to the chart – a majority of our woods are more than ideal for outdoor/pool deck construction.

These woods can meet each and every budget while meeting your design tastes and quality standards. If you’re looking for an attractive solution at an unbeatable price point – our CCA Pressure Treated Pine solution will tick all of these boxes.

If you fancy something a little bit more premium, rich in colour and oozing with appeal; our Massaranduba solution is your go-to.

If you are unsure as to which wood speaks to you the most, get in contact with our team to learn more about our selection of durable hardwoods.

Seeing as we’ve covered materials, why don’t we delve into some interesting deck ideas?


  • Floating Pool Deck
    A floating deck not only looks cool, but it can enable you to create a sizeable deck area despite having limiting building constraints. These decks look phenomenal as is– however, add a swimming pool into the mix… and you have yourself a winning recipe!

Floating Pool deck with Pergola.

Couple this with a pergola and your deck will stand the test of time. Function, appeal and undoubtedly unique – this is a must-have setup for any budding entertainer.

  • Sliding Pool Deck
    If you are on the hunt for a deck area that, well, slides… then this is for you!
    On a serious note, a sliding deck can provide you with more than just an appealing structure to enjoy. Sliding decks have the ability to save on space while being able to cover your pool and keep it clean.

A sliding pool deck

Fancy tanning out over the water? Well, just slide back the deck and you get the best of both worlds. No need to fight with non-cooperative pool blankets or faulty retractable covers. It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – Slide.

  • Multi-level Pool/jacuzzi Deck
    Looking to add some verticality to your swimming pool area? A multi-level deck can accomplish this. While nowhere near as cool as the aforementioned deck ideas, a multi-level deck is an easy way to impress your visitors. The options are seemingly endless, with the ability to use elevation to bring out the less-noticeable dimensions of your pool area.Your backyard pool deck area will be Pinterest-ready in NO TIME. Just you wait and see!

A multi level deck wiyh jacuzzi.

A variety of materials and styles can greatly enhance your swimming pool deck area. Whether you fancy a niche style, something with added utility or grandiose scope; Decking Pro has been spicing up wooden pool deck areas in the Cape Town area.

If you would like some input on your perfect pool deck area ideas – feel free to contact us for further enlightenment!