10 Top Deck Trends of Cape Town Summer 2023

1. Covered Decks and Pergolas

Covered decks and pergolas have been one of the most in-demand features, with a huge increase of inquiries focused on maximising the possibility of transitional spaces. Homeowners are bringing the inside out, creating outdoor sitting rooms with built-in daybeds, couches, and fire features and equipped outdoor kitchens, amongst other things. Something to consider when designing a covered deck or pergola is how the space flows from the inside to the outside. A covered deck is an in-between zone and calls for individualised functionality and complementary features. Here we cover 10 Top Deck Trends of Cape Town Summer 2023.

2. Statement Lighting

“We are seeing statement lighting become more of a trend this summer, We love how it elevates and grounds an area and brings another level of interest to a space. Think pendants over an outdoor bar or a chandelier above your outdoor dining table.”

For a more modest or open-air deck, opt instead for a trendy cordless portable lamp. “Cordless portable lamps continue to trend as more and more people bring touches of indoor living to their outdoor spaces. A small stylish lamp on the table is a simple way to create an intimate setting and evoke a restaurant vibe in the privacy of your backyard.

3. Secret Storage

Secret storage is another trend sparked by the need to maximise space. “Hidden storage compartments around your deck or patio are a great way to preserve space and store your belongings, Make use of the space underneath your deck to conceal unappealing items such as utility boxes, AC units, or lawn equipment.” You could even create additional secret storage within built-in perimeter benches.

4. Perimeter Seating

Maximise every square inch of your deck with perimeter seating, another deck feature in high demand. “Deliberately placing seating along the perimeter of your outdoor space will allow for more foot traffic throughout the area. “We advise creating custom, built-in outdoor furniture, such as a bench made from composite decking, for a stylish and seamless look.” If your garden extends beyond the deck, the benches can double as a low-profile railing.

5. Optimal Layouts

Are you big on outdoor entertaining? Let your deck cater to you this season with a well-planned design. A good layout can enhance your gatherings by maximising space and steering how your guests navigate it. We recommend arranging outdoor seating in U-shaped or semicircular layouts, around a coffee table or fire pit, to make the space feel like an inviting gathering place,If you’re working with a small footprint, stick to a light and bright colour palette to visually open up the space and make it feel larger than it is.


6. Pops of Colour

Homeowners are turning to colour to freshen up their decks this summer. “Even clients who typically like a more monochrome palette indoors are getting brave with colour when it’s outside. If you don’t fancy getting your paintbrush out, we suggest adding pops of colour with decorative accessories, like cushions for outdoor furniture.

The key to incorporating pops of colour into an outdoor space is finding a balance between vibrancy and naturalism that enables the design to live in harmony with the surrounding landscape, Colours can be saturated and intense but should be reflected in the natural environment.”

7. Sustainable Decking

Sustainability is a hot topic in all areas of home design, and people are looking for ways to update their decks in an environmentally friendly way. “When it comes to updating an outdoor space, one way to stand out is by using unexpected yet durable materials like composite decking, Composed of a combination of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibres, composite decking aids in reducing landfill waste and the need to cut down trees.

Composite decking offers a low maintenance alternative that delivers the same look and versatility of wood with the added peace of mind that comes with choosing a product that you know will last. It’s low maintenance, weather-proof, and durable, lasting up to 30 years with minimal upkeep. Composite decking can be used for so much more than just your deck, including bespoke features that make a space feel custom and lived in,  like integrated seating, storage, privacy structures, and more.

8. Rooftop Living

Stylish decks are moving up in the world, both literally and figuratively. When you think about deck design, you might immediately think about the typical backyard, but people are increasingly utilising their rooftops to expand liveable space, particularly in metropolitan areas where outdoor space is a hot commodity. As well as breathtaking cityscape views, rooftop decks offer improved air quality and an opportunity to fill them with lots of green space to encourage biodiversity in the city and improve energy efficiency, cooling the roof in summer and locking in heat during the winter.

9. Vacation Inspiration

Enjoy vacation vibes all summer long by sprucing up your deck. I think vacation vibes are always on trend because who doesn’t want to feel relaxed, refreshed, and a bit pampered in their own backyard,To turn your deck into your favourite holiday destination, We suggest updating your outdoor furniture with pieces from the same line. The resulting look will be much sleeker. Alternatively, embrace the trend for exterior drapery. Exterior Drapery is being infused into many of our projects. “The light and airy flow of drapery brings a feeling of a boutique hotel while also defining certain backyard zones.

10. Multi-Level Decks

Multi-level decks provide a great solution for sloped or narrow lots and create an opportunity for multiple zones. Multi-level decks also make the backyard easier to navigate and maximise its potential. For example, you could position an outdoor kitchen on the upper deck, close to the house for easy access, and a seating area with a fire pit further down for private hangouts.

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