Our Decks in Cape Town

Our decks are designed according to our client’s homes and their tastes are taken into consideration.

All of our decks have been meticulously crafted to ensure exceptional quality standards are met; they are long lasting and durable as well as being aesthetically perfect.

A deck isn’t a mere add-on to your home. It’s an area of reconciliation, a hub for incredible memories to be made and an ideal way to cherish the outdoors.

Sourcing of Materials

We pride ourselves on using only the finest offerings of:

We also employ everything from technologically advanced and
maintenance-free composites to hardwoods such as:

CCA Pressure treated SA Pine

This wood is an incredible decking option at an incredible price!
The treatment of the wood coupled with proper maintenance will keep this timber going for many, many years.

… for a complimentary site survey. This will allow us to determine which decking solution will compliment your vision. We will ensure the correct design is in place, the preparation of the site is seen to and materials are meticulously calculated; ensuring that you will save when enlisting our services.