Decking Designs, Trends & Inspiration for 2024

A designer deck adds tremendously to the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Level up yours with these top trends, styles, designs and ideas from our decking experts!

By unlocking your garden, a deck becomes the ultimate place for relaxation and celebration. Liven up your new decking project (or bring dated decking back to life) with these ideas

Go grey for a modern, minimalist look

The trend towards grey amongst outdoor designers is set to accelerate in 2024, make no mistake. We’re talking all shades of grey — from almost-white light grey to medium to charcoal. For decking (but also cladding and fencing), grayscale is in.

Grey creates a clean, modern, Scandinavian-inspired look that allows your other outdoor elements — furniture, plants, nature walls, rugs — to pop. To stay on the monochrome theme, consider keeping some of these features white.

There are a few ways to achieve grey decking. The first is by the natural weathering of a quality decking timber species, like LarchOak or Iroko. Consider applying a quality transparent preservative oil to prevent any moisture-related damage. Within a year’s time, your deck will have that silvery-fox look.

The other way is by purchasing decking that has been professionally pre-treated in the factory. One particular popular technology is Lunawood Thermowood a phenomenal sustainable wood— The best Scandinavian raw material and toxic-free Thermal modification process makes this wood ideal for building materials for even the most demanding applications where most wood materials won’t perform -looks incredible and performs superbly.

The other way to go grey is with composite decking.Products like Evelast and NewTechWood give you the choice of different shades of grey.

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