Decking Solutions & Ideas We Love

A lawn replacement “No-Mow Garden”

If you have wet or uneven ground, why not deck the area and sell your lawn mower at your next garage sale. This no-grass backyard idea adds entertaining space. Eliminating mowing and weeding chores will allow more time to relax with family and friends in your no-mow backyard.

Balau Deck Garrden Revamp Franschoek

Balau Deck Garden Revamp Franschoek


To Gain a View, With an Observation Deck

Sometimes the only way to gain a view is with a Deck.  If you are in Cape Town and have the luxury of a view of either our beautiful mountains, Oceans, lakes, or forests, you are going to want an “observation Deck”.


Elevated Deck

Elevated Deck

Around your pool

Not so long ago, a client told us a story of how his in-laws didn’t bother to add a pool deck to their swimming pool. It seemed that they spent more time to cleaning it rather than enjoying it.

When you invest in a swimming pool, you’ll want to bring your vision to life. You want to make sure your money is being maximized, so size, shape, material, and location should be perfect. Adding a pool deck to the equation is vital and here’s why.

Better for Your Lawn and Your Pool

Having a muddy lawn surrounding your oasis is not ideal. It is not suitable to be dragging all the surrounding dirt and mud into a swimming pool. For instance, you will end up doing double the work in keeping the pool clean. If you only have grass as a deck, you need to be aware of a pool’s splash elements because chlorine will kill the grass.

It Makes Your Backyard Beautiful and Functional

Pool decks are lovely for your landscaping and the appearance of your pool. There are many materials and styles available to enhance the outdoor family room which will make you enjoy your pool more when it is integrated adequately into your backyard.


Sloped garden solution

If you talk to any design experts, they’ll tell you that levels make a difference. This means having things at different heights, creating different levels in your garden. With a deck, you can achieve just that! It can be built so that it’s slightly raised above the lawn level. There are often steps leading down from the decking to the grass. This brings new dimensions to your garden as you now have two different levels. There’s the ground level, then the raised platform where the decking lies.


It sounds strange, but this does wonders for the design of your garden. The different levels are striking, and they can make your garden seem a lot bigger. For some, this is what pushes people to choose decking over a patio. With a patio, you get most of the benefits a deck brings, but it stays on the same level as the grass.

Extend your entertainment Area, Bringing the Indoors Outdoors

Use your deck as an extension of the indoor space.

If you’re considering adding a deck to your home, unify the new space with an existing entertaining area. Choose decking that complements your indoor flooring, for example one that can be installed low to the ground to meet your living room, to create continuity between the two spaces ­– even better if it can be sealed in a similar shade.

Bi-fold doors also create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor, opening a living room when the sun is shining and closing it off when the weather is not conducive.


Increase the Value of Your Home & Add Character Appeal to Your Garden/Home

Although it may be a less traditionally ‘fun’ concept, the addition of a backyard deck will almost certainly increase the value of your home. Many home modifications can increase the value of your property, such as interior remodeling or the addition of extra rooms, but few are as cost-effective as building a backyard deck.

If you are considering investing in your home with the construction of a backyard deck, mind that you will want the deck to add more value to your house than it costs to build or maintain. Research the value of homes with decks in your area, and choose sturdy, low-maintenance materials to ensure you get the best return from your backyard deck.