Turn on the evening news or scroll through your news feed… it’s (unfortunately) all too common to see another wildfire dominate the headlines in the Western Cape. It is underlining the frequency and severity of these events. Concern about another devastating wildfire next season is motivating many homeowners to reconsider traditional building products to reduce the vulnerability of their homes. This heightened focus on fire preparedness extends to constructing fire-resistant decks and outdoor living spaces, which have become direct extensions of our homes over the last several years.

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Noncombustible steel deck framing holds the key to lasting outdoor spaces

A lasting alternative to lumber, which undoubtedly holds a huge combustion risk, steel framing is one such fire-hardened option. The deck framing solution leverages the proven performance of steel to meet the demands of today’s bigger and better decks in wildfire-prone regions. A non-combustible option, steel framing will not rot, warp, or split after long-term exposure to the elements. Incredibly durable, steel frame decks are also strong enough to support the year’s most sought-after amenities, like contemporary steel pergolas. Not only do steel frame profiles offer lasting performance, but they’re also sleek and good-looking. There’s no reason for homeowners who live in regions where the risk of wildfire is high to sacrifice style for safety.

A fire-smart system, The G-struct deck framing system from Eva-Last can help prevent a ground fire from spreading quickly, reducing the vulnerability of a home and surrounding neighbours.  A Class A designation is the best fire rating a building material or product can receive, indicating superior fire performance.

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Prioritise wildfire preparedness with fire-resistant deck framing

When it comes to building a bigger and better deck in wildfire-prone regions (or nearly any type of environment), homeowners and professional deck builders alike can turn to steel framing.

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