A stunning Floating Deck on a Pond.

Floating and Sliding Pool Decking

What is a Floating Deck?

Detached from a house or other structure, a floating deck “floats” right above the ground without the need for steps or supports. Floating decks aren’t attached to a house like the typical “back deck” off a kitchen or family room. And since they’re detached and low to the ground, floating decks often don’t require building permits.

A Floating deck area above pond.

Where Can I Build a Floating Deck?

The best part about a freestanding deck is the freedom to build one anywhere. Here are a few location ideas to get you thinking:

A stunning floating deck area atop a pond

  • Under a shade tree
  • Beside a pond
  • At the top of a hill
  • Along a stream
  • Next to a pool
  • Side of a garden
  • Middle of a garden

Floating Deck Ideas

Floating Deck with Pergola

A pergola provides shade for your deck during the day and a structure on which to hang lighting for evening use.

A deck area with a stylish pergola and swimming pool

Trudging from kitchen to grill with platters of food is a bummer when you’re cooking for a crowd. That’s why some homeowners choose to install an outdoor kitchen on their floating deck.

Add a few drawers and a cabinet for utensils, dishes, and drinkware, and you can relax with friends and family rather than spending your time walking back and forth to your indoor kitchen.

A floating deck area with a kitchen

Sliding Decks

A sliding deck pool cover is exactly what it sounds like: a removable pool cover that is also a deck. Some of them provide enough support for furniture, dinner parties, or even dancing, and people might not be able to guess that you have a swimming pool when the cover is on.

A beautiful pool with a sliding deck cover

They Create More Space

One key advantage of owning a sliding pool deck cover is the extra space that you get back.
If your mobile deck can support furniture and the weight of several people, you can use it for virtually anything that you want.
The best part is that you likely won’t have to move your furniture when you want to open and close the pool.

An Impeccably crafted sliding deck.

They Can Save Energy

Sliding deck pool covers also help to prevent evaporation and keep heat from escaping. This can dramatically reduce energy costs and keep your swimming pool warm in the process.

A light sliding deck covering a swimming pool

They’re Effective

These sturdy security covers are very good at keeping unwanted guests out, and they keep out dirt and debris that change the chemistry of the water and cause stains.

A protective sliding deck

They add value to your home

Sliding pool deck covers are among the most attractive, if not the most attractive, pool cover options available. When the pool is open, no one will know that your poolside deck is a cover. And when the pool is closed, no one will know that you have a pool!

A high-end sliding pool deck.

They are Safe

There’s almost no way (at least that we can think of) that a small child can get under the wooden deck and into the pool unless they have access to the operation panel or can move the deck. Hiding the pool may also reduce the temptation for children to try to access the pool on their own.

An expertly crafted and safe decking area

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