Installing a Deck

Installing a Deck:

A deck is a long term investment and installing a deck will enhance the value of your home and lifestyle. A deck which is stable, creak free and easy to maintain is therefore the goal to protect your investment. Follow this advice to get it done correctly.

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Make sure the support structure is solid:

When installing a deck, it is vital to ensure that the supporting structure is correctly designed and correctly installed to provide a solid base for your deck.  We cannot stress enough that the stability, lifespan and safety of a deck starts with the structure underneath. From choosing the right fasteners, specifying the bearers and planting poles correctly – make sure this is done properly.
Too often the structural frame of a deck is installed poorly and the incorrect beams chosen, resulting in poor performance of the decking surface.
Please ask us for assistance to help ensure your structure is specified and built correctly.


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Maintain your deck:

Your deck is installed and you’ve been braaing and lounging on it for a year. Great !
Like any natural product, timber decking requires some seasonal maintenance – ideally in spring.
We recommend a stiff brush clean with some vinegar and dish washing soap mixed with water followed by a rinse. Avoid pressure washers. Allow to dry thoroughly and coat with 2 coats of our Endura Galseal timber oil. This is a simple process and ensures long life of your investment.

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