Sliding Pool Deck Cover

A sliding pool deck cover, also known as a retractable or movable pool cover, is a innovative and practical solution for maximising the space around your swimming pool. It offers the ability to cover the pool partially or completely, creating an extension of usable space when the pool is not in use. This kind of deck can be slid over the pool to cover it or slid back to expose the water for swimming.

Here’s how a sliding wooden pool deck typically works:

  1. Construction: The deck is usually constructed using hardwoods or composite materials, which are treated to withstand exposure to water and weather conditions. The deck is built on tracks or rails that allow it to slide back and forth over the pool.
  2. Sliding mechanism: The sliding mechanism can vary depending on the design and complexity of the deck. It may involve manual sliding with the help of handles or wheels, or it could be motorized with the assistance of an electric motor for easier operation.
  3. Pool coverage: When the pool is not in use, the deck can be slid over the pool surface, effectively covering the water. This serves multiple purposes:
<img src="sliding garapa wood deck over pool" alt="stained Garapa hardwood sliding pool deck manual"/>

Sliding Garapa Pool Deck


Safety: By covering the pool, it helps prevent accidental falls into the water, especially for homes with children or pets.

<img src="sliding safety deck pool.jpg" alt="sliding pool deck manual safety deck"/>


    • Space optimisation: When the pool is not in use, the covered area can be used as additional space for various activities, such as outdoor dining or entertaining guests.
    • Pool protection: The sliding deck can protect the pool water from leaves, debris, and UV rays, reducing the maintenance required to keep the pool clean.
    • 5.Pool access: To access the pool, you slide the deck back, revealing the water underneath. Some designs may have a portion of the deck fixed or hinged to act as a walkway over the water, while others may allow the entire deck to slide away entirely.
    • 6. Convenience: Motorised sliding decks offer greater convenience, as they can be operated with the push of a button or through a remote control.

It’s essential to have a professional design and install a sliding wooden pool deck, as it requires careful engineering to ensure proper movement, stability, and safety. Regular maintenance is also crucial to keep the deck functioning correctly and to prolong its lifespan.

Sliding deck covers offer unique benefits in terms of space optimisation, safety, and aesthetics.

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