Turn Your Unused/Unwanted Pool Into a Deck or Fire Pit.

Turning your unused pool into a deck, or fire pit for entertaining. Although swimming pools have benefits, especially during hot summers, they can easily become unattractive and a financial burden, particularly if they have leaks or other functional issues. Instead of going through the costly and sometimes unsuccessful process of fixing an old swimming pool, why not transform it into a new and impressive feature that will make your home stand out?

<img src="unused pool wooden seating fire pit.jpg" alt="sunken fire pit pool"/>

A pool can be a great addition to a backyard, but there are situations where it can become a source of frustration for the homeowner. You may face costly repairs if you own an older pool, lose interest in swimming, and don’t want to spend the considerable money it takes to maintain a pool or want to reclaim the lost real estate in the yard for other purposes. If you are considering purchasing a house with a pool already installed, you may not want to take on the risks or expenses of an inherited pool. Whatever the reason may be, removing or repurposing an in ground pool can be beneficial to increasing your property value. Water is a scarce and valuable commodity in Cape Town and if your pool is not getting the use it deserves we have some options for you1.

Practical deck

A simple but elegant solution for an unwanted pool? Drain it and build a deck over the top. We can design a deck that blends perfectly with the original pool’s shape and structure. Not only will it add valuable entertaining square footage to the backyard, but it’ll also boost your home’s value over time.

<img src="wooden deck over unused pool.jpg" alt="deck built over a pool"/>

Sunken Fire Pit

Elevate comfort and style by creating a sunken wooden seating area in the empty pool with a captivating fire feature. This arrangement defines a cozy corner in your outdoor space, where conversations flow effortlessly around the roaring fire.

<img src="unused pool fire pit.jpg" alt="sunken fire pit wooden seating"/>

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